[teqc] set_mask

Yanli Chu ylchu at ium.cn
Fri Oct 14 03:03:54 MDT 2005


I have a question of using teqc.

When I use teqc with '-set_mask 20' to process
my binary data(Topcon jps format),will the data
under 20 deg be kicked out of from my observative 
RINEX file? 

I tried 20, 10 and 5 deg for -set_mask, but I found 
the sizes are always the same of my RINEX files
for the same session with differet -set_mask values.

BTW, my receiver is set to 5 deg of elevation mask. 

Then what's the exactly meaning of -set_mask # ?
Does it really kick out the data under 20 deg?

Thanks a lot.

Yanli Chu

Institute of Urban Meteorology(IUM),Beijing,China

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