[teqc] new teqc on-line (4 Nov 2005)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Nov 4 12:23:19 MST 2005

There is a new development version (4 Nov 2005) of teqc on-line:


which might become the next official release if nobody finds
any significant problems with it.  This version differs from the
last one (1 Sept 2005) that you were informed about:


in the following ways:

1) I'm pretty sure that translation of Leica 1200 LB2 will work
OK, though I haven't heard back from Leica on their testing.

2) A 64-bit Solaris Sparc executable is now available.  This is
what we are now using at the UNAVCO Facility to create RINEX.

3) The option `-warn` now just suppresses warnings and error
messages.  You can use the new `-notice` option to suppress
"notice" messages.  If you are doing a qc and want a really quiet
output, use the new `+quiet` option, which automatically uses
`-warn` and `-notice` and additionally suppress the `qc full>>>>...`
or `qc lite>>>>...` runtime monitor during the qc process.

4) I'm not sure what value it is, but you can now qc a RINEX file
with no data epoch or only one data epoch in it.  (This was
causing some problems for users who were automatically qc-ing
CORS RINEX and sometimes the RINEX only had a header or only one
data epoch.)

5) The receiver and antenna type in now printed on the qc report.
If the (serial) numbers of the receiver and/or antenna are known
(via teqc config file, command line options, metadata in file, etc.)
then these will also be printed.

6) Non-printable ASCII characters are now stripped out of the
configuration text fields (e.g. -O.rt "..." or +O.comment "...").
(Users were somehow getting crtl-M characters in these fields
by doing some sort of cut/paste on Windows.)

7) A rare windowing situation on a RINEX OBS file which would
cause teqc to crash has been fixed ... or at least to the limits
of my ability to test it.


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