[teqc] using pre-2005Apr4 versions to extract L2C

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Nov 15 14:23:31 MST 2005


Capability for reading L2C code pseudorange from Trimble .dat and
RT17 formats was added to teqc on 2005 Apr 4. (L2C tracking can
be done, for example, with a Trimble NetRS receiver.)  If you try
to use a pre-2005Apr4 version of teqc to read these formats, then
any L2C code pseudorange will incorrectly show up as a "P2" observable
in RINEX.  (Currently, the only SV transmitting L2C is PRN 17.)

Having L2C pseudorange cast as P2 is wrong, but unavoidable if
using pre-2005Apr4 versions of teqc, given that the existance of L2C
in the Trimble formats relies on a combination of bit flags that
was essentially undefined and non-occurring prior to L2C tracking.

If you want L2C pseudorange cast as "C2" in RINEX, then you _must_
use a version of teqc of 2005Apr4 or later.  (Also remember that
until further notice you would also have to use the `+C2' option
on teqc to allow C2 reading.)

Hope this helps all you L2C users.


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