[teqc] Looking for replacement GPS boards

michalk michalk at awpi.com
Fri Dec 9 10:51:16 MST 2005

I am currently using Conexant boards for my embedded applications, and
would like to post process the data.  Unfortunately, the Epemeris data
is not included in the Zodiac binary format.

Since I'm shopping around, I may as well upgrade the carrier board as well.

The Ashtech (Thales) DG14 and DG16 look like they might work.  What is
the thought from this group for a board about this size, 5VDC?

Power consumption is not an issue.
Small size is not important.
Coversion of binary format to RINEX for post processing dynamic data is
a must.  This is an automobile data collection vehicle mounted system.

Faster update rates are nice, but not required.  I can get arbitrary
interval locations in the post processing.

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