[teqc] Looking for replacement GPS boards

Carsten Kurz audiovisual at t-online.de
Fri Dec 9 13:30:42 MST 2005

Am 09.12.2005 um 18:51 schrieb michalk:

> The Ashtech (Thales) DG14 and DG16 look like they might work.  What is
> the thought from this group for a board about this size, 5VDC?

The formerly CMC, now Novatel, SuperStarII boards are available in a 
huge variety of update rate, voltage, DGPS etc. options. CMC binary 
support is built into teqc. Boards with raw data go for about 160 US$. 
Novatel is now actively improving the firmware further from the CMC 

Easy to get them in test quantities from gpsetc.com.

The ublox SAM-Lx platform is very good, cheap and small (Once they even 
had Rockwell Board replacements).


The ublox binary raw data format is implemented for straight forward 
RINEX generation. I 'd really like to see ublox binary support being 
built into teqc. There is a Rinex converter available from helenav.com

ublox product documentation is probably the best in the OEM GPS 

- Carsten

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