[teqc] Looking for replacement GPS boards

Hannan Sadar hannan.sadar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 02:52:48 MST 2005

I had some experiments with U-blox receivers. I transfer the Raw data
into RINEX but there documentation regarding the time value is not so
good. I was trying to do DGPS with out success to sync to receivers.
They have 3 different fields of time which suppose to be the same
value but each one is different. I think eventually i was able to find
the right combination for computing the time, but it was only buy
trying. Maybe Carsten Kurz, could something from his experience here
to light the subject.


On 12/9/05, Carsten Kurz <audiovisual at t-online.de> wrote:
> Am 09.12.2005 um 18:51 schrieb michalk:
> > The Ashtech (Thales) DG14 and DG16 look like they might work.  What is
> > the thought from this group for a board about this size, 5VDC?
> >
> The formerly CMC, now Novatel, SuperStarII boards are available in a
> huge variety of update rate, voltage, DGPS etc. options. CMC binary
> support is built into teqc. Boards with raw data go for about 160 US$.
> Novatel is now actively improving the firmware further from the CMC
> state.
> Easy to get them in test quantities from gpsetc.com.
> The ublox SAM-Lx platform is very good, cheap and small (Once they even
> had Rockwell Board replacements).
> http://home-2.worldonline.nl/~samsvl/TIM-LP.htm
> The ublox binary raw data format is implemented for straight forward
> RINEX generation. I 'd really like to see ublox binary support being
> built into teqc. There is a Rinex converter available from helenav.com
> ublox product documentation is probably the best in the OEM GPS
> industry.
> - Carsten
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