[teqc] Looking for replacement GPS boards

Carsten Kurz audiovisual at t-online.de
Sat Dec 10 05:17:37 MST 2005

Am 10.12.2005 um 10:52 schrieb Hannan Sadar:

> I had some experiments with U-blox receivers. I transfer the Raw data
> into RINEX but there documentation regarding the time value is not so
> good. I was trying to do DGPS with out success to sync to receivers.

Which ublox receivers did you use?

If their documentation lacks something, you should probably try to 
contact ublox directly. They are a small swiss company, and if you 
email them, chances are good that you actually get to talk directly to 
the person who writes the firmware.

You could as well try to contact Sam Storm van Leuwen, 

The TIM-Lx is used in quite a few raw data designs by now.

- Carsten

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