[teqc] change to +meta output

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Dec 13 10:40:12 MST 2005


If you are using `teqc +meta` output, we are implementing
a few changes to the output to better conform to the
UNAVCO archive Oracle schema.  This will effect any +meta
output with a teqc version of 13 Dec 2005 or later:

* the leading "R " or "  " on each line has been removed
   (The "R" lines were originally intended to denote "required"
   fields in our schema.)

* the sampling interval has now been correctly labeled as
   an interval (instead of a rate)

* the download software line has been removed (since this
   was only applicable for a subset of data formats -- and not
   very useful)

* the receiver "version" has been relabeled as "receiver
   firmware" -- which is how it is known for most receivers
   in the US

* the ellipsoid ID line has been removed


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