[teqc] RINEX Version 2.11

Werner Gurtner werner.gurtner at aiub.unibe.ch
Wed Jan 11 01:16:40 MST 2006

Author: W. Gurtner

RINEX Version 2.11

In order to have a quick solution to account for the new GPS L2C pseudorange observable a new code (C2) has been defined to be used in RINEX observation files.

We took the opportunity to also clarify a few items in the SBAS GEO Navigation Message file, to introduce four new observables into the Met Data Files (wind speed and direction, rain and hail indicator) and to define codes for the Galileo System (E), Galileo System Time (GAL) and frequency numbers for the various Galileo frequency bands, L5 for GPS and SBAS, and to include the IGS-recommended file names for high-rate tracking data.

These modifications have been collected in a new RINEX Version 2.11. Affected files are:

- Observations files (if they contain L2C pseudoranges or Galileo observations)
- Met data files (if they contain the newly defined data items)
- SBAS GEO Navigation Message Files

All other RINEX file types are unaffected by these modifications.

The RINEX Version 2.11 documentation is, as usual, available at the IGS ftp server

The limitations in the current two-character RINEX observation codes make it impossible, however, to clearly distinguish between the various tracking modes of the new GPS and Galileo signals. An extension to more general codes is therefore imperative.

First ideas about a RINEX Version 3 have already been circulated among interested parties. A first draft documentation is currently under discussion and will be announced shortly.

Werner Gurtner
Astronomical Institute
University of Bern
gurtner at aiub.unibe.ch

Louis H. Estey
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