[teqc] Ashtech: missing PBEN record

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Mar 3 07:13:50 MST 2006

Dear Reiner,

> as I want to set up my own Ashtech Z12 read out program I made the
> first steps.
> But sometimes I get the following message from teqc:
> missing PBEN record
> The records PBEN, MBEN, SNAV, SALM are there,
> which can be proven by a hex debug.
> Can you, please, explain me in which situation this message
> is produced to be able to search the bug in my software.

SNAV and SALM are the navigation and almanac messages, which
don't matter for this discussion.

Data epochs require one or more MBEN record followed by a
single PBEN, and there is one MBEN for each SV being tracked.
Basically some condition is being reached where teqc thinks
the current epoch has switched to the next epoch without finding
the terminating PBEN for the current epoch.  What exactly
condition is reached is hard to guess.

hope this helps,

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