[teqc] Editing RINEX

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Mar 3 13:00:28 MST 2006


> I have a RINEX file with L1,C1,P1,P2,D1 and D2. I
> would like to take off some observables. What command
> would I use???

Bless you!  (finally, an easy question! ;)

Use the `-O.obs` option and list the observables you want,
e.g. if you want to delete D1 and D2:

teqc -O.obs l1+c1+p1+p2 RINEX.in > RINEX.out

The "+" symbols are for human-readability (i.e. they can
be deleted), the observable names are case insensitive,
and the observables in the output RINEX will be in the order
that you specify them in the -O.obs list.

The same answer for a RINEX MET file, except there you would
use `-M.obs`.


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