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Jeff Freymueller jfreymue at gi.alaska.edu
Tue Mar 7 16:52:34 MST 2006


What kind of receiver is it? And does the time offset (the 0.223 sec) 
start at zero and grow throughout the file? If so, and if the receiver 
is a Trimble or some older Ashtechs and Leicas, then this is a problem 
for the ClockPrep program to fix. If I have guessed the cause right, 
your problem has been caused by the rinex conversion process, which was 
dealing with the 1 millisecond clock offsets in those types of 
receivers. For a long time the default behavior of all rinex converters 
was to change the time tag when it encounters one of the millisecond 

If you have the raw files, you can try "teqc +smtt" to force teqc to 
convert without changing the time tags. This should be in all the 
recent versions of teqc.

The other possibility is that your receiver really is sampling at that 
odd time, which would be surprising but I'm sure it is possible. If you 
receiver really was sampling 0.223 seconds off the minute, then you 
probably could not really correct the error.


On Mar 7, 2006, at 11:43 AM, Daniele Barroca wrote:

> Good afternoon,
> I would like to know if it is possible to correct the
> GPS observables (of a RINEX file) of the receiver
> error.
> For example:
>  05  5 25  0  0 15.2230000  0  8G16G 3G22G14 ...
>   31687139.09146  24649869.97746  89193652.7594
>    4021695.90246   3073693.39846  89490059.7434
>   20737659.47748  16132538.86747  87108723.2594
> The observables are degraded by receiver error that is
> 0.223. Is it possible to correct the observables and
> consequently change 15.2230000 to 15.000???
> Thanks, Daniele Barroca.
> Sao Paulo State, Brazil.
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