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Stavros Melachroinos stavros at pontos.cst.cnes.fr
Thu Mar 23 02:56:25 MST 2006

Hi I am a phd from toulouse and I would like to ask u about the teqc +qc 
+eepx option,
there is a couple of days since we've received a warning call from EUREF 
about our station here in Toulouse TLSE concerning a low observation 
quantity problem since doy 228 - 240 2005. So, as already being very 
curious about knowing what's going on i've started doing comparative 
analyses of MP1 MP2 SNR1 SNR2 for a period of 2-3 months from doy 213 - 
300 2005. Though as I do like "playing" with softwares I used ur option
teqc +qc +eepx -nav brdc2480.05n tlse2480.05o for several doys. So what 
I get is something like the picture further down. So my question I guess 
is : why do we have such a bad quality in navigation position and 
specially after the midle of the day? Isn't a navigation position 
supossed to be erroneous of about 10m to 20m? Because here we can 
clearly see that after the middle of the day we get something like a 
hundreds of meters of variation. Of course the last question would be, I 
'am doing something wrong with the option +eepx?

Thank very much and

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