[teqc] what does "invalid event flag" mean?

John Beale beale at best.com
Sat Mar 25 19:05:56 MST 2006

Dear TEQC mailing list:

I hope you will excuse my very ill-informed question since I know little 
about TEQC. I am trying to do a basic quality check on a potentially 
ill-formed RINEX file which was generated by an experimental program.

I know the receiver designation is wrong, but that's not my worry right 
now. TEQC stops with a message about "invalid event flag" and I'm trying to 
determine what that means. A google search for:

   teqc "invalid event flag"

returns just one link, which is actually the teqc binary file itself. I'm 
the only one who's ever encountered this message?

E:\Rinex>teqc +qc -O.int 1 0324-1240.06o

! Notice ! receiver designation "Antaris" does not match any in the IGS 
standard table
qc lite>
teqc: failure to read " 21724091.864 6 114160976.090 6        40.000 6 
  2943.449 6" on line 28 of "0324-1240.06o"
         (invalid event flag: should be 2-6) ... exiting

I assume it's bad form to post the actual rinex file to a mailing list, but 
if you'd like to have a look, here is the file in question:


Many thanks for any assistance you might provide!

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