[teqc] latest development version of teqc on-line (5 Apr 2006)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Apr 5 15:02:39 MDT 2006

The latest development version (5 Apr 2006) of teqc is on-line:

Some short comments on the code since 16 Dec 2005:

The "decimation bug" (for data with millisecond resets) that showed
up in the 16 Dec 2005 version is now fixed.

For the time being, the WatCom build for Windows will be unavailable.
(Only the Borland build for Windows is being included right now.)

Translation of the data and ephemeris records for u-blox UBX format
is now possible.

Trimble R7 and R8 receiver codes are now recognized during a read
of Trimble .dat files; this means the RINEX obs header should get
populated with the correct IGS name for these two receivers.

For older Ashtech R-file data: record 9 (ZTINYTYPE) will now be read
and translated.

Met data in Leica system 1200 MDB record 114 (0x72) will now be read
and translated.

The names of receivers/antennae/radomes are checked against the IGS
names in the IGS file dated 20 Jan 2006.

The qc "short" report has a new line called the "timecode".  It's
something we're going to be using here at the Faciliy archive in the
near future.


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