[teqc] any version of teqc prior to 12 Apr 2006: Leica system 1200 MDB

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Apr 13 08:10:56 MDT 2006

Yesterday some difficulties with the decoding of Leica system 1200
MDB records 104 and 108 were resolved. These records contain metadata
of the receiver and antenna, respectively.  Any version of teqc
prior to 12 Apr 2006 will yield incorrect information for the name and
serial numbers of both the receiver and antenna when reading these
records.  The two most likely ways you would have seen this is from
metadata extraction with `+meta` or the population of the RINEX obs
header -- without override from -O.rt, -O.rn, -O.at, or -O.an.
(You can use -O.rt, -O.rn, -O.at, or -O.an to override the appropriate
field.)  Note that the decoding difficulties only affected metadata
of the receiver and antenna in a RINEX obs header, not the actual data
after the header.

Sorry for any difficulty or confusion this may have caused.


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