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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Sat Apr 15 06:53:17 MDT 2006


 > I found that the summary file will not be generated with
 > teqc +qc kunm1520.05o kunm1520.05n
 > But, it will be generated with
 > teqc +qc kunm1520.05o
 > with the 2006 0405 release.  I am not sure whether this is a new
 > feature.  Therefore, made this report.
 > I have another question on teqc.  The summary file I obtained with
 > teqc +qc kunm1520.05o when the kunm1520.05n is not present.  The
 > summary line is
 > SUM 05  6  1 00:00 05  6  1 23:48 23.81  30    n/a  18620 n/a  0.52  0.96    466
 > and it is
 > SUM 05  6  1 00:00 05  6  1 23:48 23.81  30  23252  18509  80  0.51  0.94    561
 > when the navigation file is in the same directory.
 > What factors are the cause?  And, what is the #expt  #have mean?
 > Thank you very much for your kind attention.  Best regards.

The command `teqc +qc kunm1520.05o kunm1520.05n` is invalid; results
are unpredictable.  The correct command has always been
`teqc +qc kunm1520.05o`.  (If you want to explicitly input a nav
file, use: `teqc +qc -nav kunm1520.05n kunm1520.05o`, though in
this case there is no difference because kunm1520.05n will be
implicitly read based on the filename with the command
`teqc +qc kunm1520.05o`.)

When the nav file is not present, no position of the antenna can be
calculated.  Teqc then uses all data, including data at low elevation
which probably has more slips and would have been eliminated when
the nav file is present and a position is obtained.  Therefore,
there's no calculation of the possible observation epochs, and more
slips, and thus the obs/slip goes down.

For more explanation, see:

hope this helps,

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