[teqc] TEQC under OS X

Carsten Kurz audiovisual at t-online.de
Sun Apr 23 10:32:28 MDT 2006

Am 23.04.2006 um 17:25 schrieb Lou Estey:

> Logging into the OSX box I use to compile teqc, I don't see anything
> with "usb" or "serial" in /dev (e.g. `ls /dev | grep -i usb`) -- but
> who knows if this box is fully configured.

Alright, so the same name I'll have to use with TEQC will show up in 
/dev the moment the USB-Serial driver is installed properly and the 
device plugged in?

I once set up a modem on a NeXT machine. I got it to work, but never 
really understood what all these tty devices were good for. USB wasn't 
there at the time.

On typical OS X boxes/notebooks, you will normally only find IrDA and a 
modem port, but no 'free' serial ports. Some people replace their 
pluggable modem card with an external serial port adaptor cable 
('StealthPort', etc.). These are usually more reliable than USB Serial 
converters. On some OS X machines, Bluetooth serial/SPP ports may also 
turn up.

> see "Configuring and using Serial to USB under OSX".  (The example
> is even to read GPS waypoints from a Garmin rx.)

Yep, I know some of this, but then usually most GPS Software for Mac 
OS(X) has something like a preferences Dialog which will offer a choice 
of available serial ports, u simply choose one and that's it. Most of 
the time it's easy to tell the USB-Serial from the 'Modem' or 'IrDA' 
port by name.

- Carsten

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