[teqc] OS X port feedback

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Apr 24 18:30:59 MDT 2006

Do a `teqc +id | grep ^build`: the middle field is the compiler
that was used for that build, although the exact version probably
isn't put in in most cases (mostly because of laziness and/or
space limitations -- the latter because the entire "build" line
has to be 60 characters or less in order to fit in a RINEX header).


> Probably a "gcc --help" or -version or whatever is what
> he's really asking for.  Both on Solaris and linux.
> -myron
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> Subject: Re: [teqc] OS X port feedback
>> Carsten,
>>> I get  malloc (double free) errors exiting +qc's. I have found 
>>> similiar reports concerning this issue in the mailing list for Linux 
>>> also, so I assume this is nothing new?
>> The malloc error is for the 5 Apr 2006 version?  (All the demalloc steps
>> are now being skipped when teqc terminates.  Unless I did that later
>> in the day on the 5th.)
>>> Lou, do you have more information on the machine you are using for 
>>> development and testing? os/compiler version?
>> Just about entirely Solaris Sparc 5.9, with parallel testing on 32-bit 
>> x86
>> processors (Solaris x86 5.9 and Linux x86) as needed, builds elsewhere 
>> (like
>> OSX) with minimal testing.
>> --lou

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