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Hi Valerie

Thanks for contacting our support, but I suspect that you may have come through to the wrong email address! We have no involvement at all with u-blox GPS solutions at Topcon.

However, I did follow up your thread n the tecq forum and found the following link, don't know if it will be any good:


>>You have a couple of problems.  First, the command to convert .ubx to
>>RINEX should be `teqc file.ubx` to dump to the screen, or
>>`teqc file.ubx > rnx.obs` to dump to just a obs file or
>>`teqc +nav rnx.nav file.ubx > rnx.obs` to get both the obs and nav
>>files (assuming the .ubx file has the necessary records).  These
>>commands assume that teqc can auto-identify the .ubx file as UBX
>>format.  If not, then you have to add the option "-ublox ubx" in
>>the command string, e.g. `teqc -ublox ubx file.ubx > rnx.obs`.

>>BTW, you must be a member of the teqc list to post messages to it,
>>and large attachments are not allowed because there is a 40-kB limit
>>on the total size of the email.


Very best regards

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I have tried to translate my ublox file to RINEX format, but I think that I
don?t use the right command line because it doesn?t work. Could you help me
about that?

Thank you
Best regards

Valérie Kirouac

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