[teqc] Rockwell binary

Jay Lowe jaynvt at gmail.com
Sun May 28 07:50:00 MDT 2006

I don't understand  the Rockwell Zodiac binary format TEQC expects.
I am using  a TU30-D140. The Zodiac data messages received appear
to be correct. The data is captured in ascii hex format. Each text 
record is a
complete text-hex representation of a valid message. I converted the 
to its binary format. The original file, a record starts with the 
letters "81FF".
I converted that to become two binary bytes 0x81, 0xFF .. etc for the
entire file. I also computed and validated the data checksum for each 

Using teqc -rock z 1376-1.dat    (where 1376-1.dat is the binary file)

TEQC returns:
? Rockwell Zodiac message id 31989 ?
? Rockwell Zodiac message id 9218 ?
.. similar messages repeat.

The data in  zo2zob.dat (the Rockwell Zodiac Binary
sample on the teqc website)  do not appear to contain
what I would expect the binary data messages to have.

Appreciate a pointer to the expected binary format..

Thanks.. Jay

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