[teqc] re:Rockwell binary

Jay jaynvt at gmail.com
Mon May 29 09:14:16 MDT 2006


> It depends on whether you're reading the 1102's 6-byte integer on a
> little- or big-endian processor; see below, which is generalized for
> either little-endian formats (like the Zodiac's) or big-endian (of
> which none have shown up so far), and avoids requiring 8-byte integers,
> i.e. it just uses 2- and 4-byte unsigned integers and puts the result
> into an 8-byte floating point.

Thanks -- but I really just need to organize the raw data into the format
that teqc will process. Unless I process the binary myself, teqc should take
care of the endian for the machine it was compiled and convert the 6-byte to


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