[teqc] re:Rockwell binary

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon May 29 19:29:14 MDT 2006


> I took a another approach and wrote my own binary async program. The 
> data logged comes back as expected by teqc.  Seems the Eval Kit logger 
> switches endian before it converts to ascii hex and writes to a file.   
> I'll be able to capture a more reasonable amount of data tomorrow.

That will certainly work.  But from your earlier email:

 > The zodiac development station has an application which captures the
 > zodiac stream into a text file.   Part of a typical record is:
 > "81FF03EB002D000079E9C2D10005008000D700.."
 > which is a 1003 record type (03EB) - big-endian.

I'll bet that all you would have needed to do was byte swap each pair
of bytes starting with 0x81 0xff.  My guess is that the Zodiac tool
is extracting 2-byte words and dumping them to you in big-endian order --
because that's how we as humans normally like to read numbers.


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