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Oggetto: [teqc] extraction of GPS nav from Leica system 1200 MDB

Anyone using Leica system 1200 MDB data with teqc:

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that there were certain Leica
system 1200 MDB files from which teqc would not extract GPS navigation
messages from MDB records 115 using teqc versions up through 5 Apr 2006.
Since 5 April there have been a number of changes to teqc to allow reading
of Leica's enhanced system 1200 GG MDB format ("GPS + GLONASS") which is
available on a new set of Leica receivers.  At any rate, some of the tweeks
made for the 1200 GG records allow the previously unread 115 records to now
be read, but I'm not planning to release teqc executables until Leica has
had some time to see if the teqc decoding of GLONASS data is as expected.
But if you were experiencing difficulty with GPS nav extraction from system
1200 MDB data, please contact me and mention what teqc build you were using.


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