[teqc] Problem when combining hourly data.

Yunfeng Tian tianyf at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 23:37:30 MDT 2006

Hi list,

I have hourly logged data files in RINEX format, and I want to combine
them into a large one. The original sampling rate is 1Hz, and is
downsampled to 30Hz by supplying the -O.dec 30 option:

teqc -O.dec 30 *.06o > /data/new.06o

To my supprise, I found there are more than one line of INTEVAL in the
resulting new.06o file. The first INTERVAL is 30; while the other
INTERVAL is still set to 1.  Moreover, the same case occured with
-O.mo option (Only the first one is what I set; there are others which
remain unchanged).

However, if I combine the 1Hz data first, and then convert it to 30Hz,
everything is OK.

I want to know if I did something wrong with specifying the command
options in the first method.

Thank you.


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