[teqc] Problem when combining hourly data.

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jun 22 12:27:43 MDT 2006


I think this in fixed in the development code; it's been tested on
sample intervals of 0.05 sec (decimating to 0.5 sec) and 1 sec (decimating
to 30) sec, for both raw and RINEX input files.  The bug was buried in
the decimation code changes allowing for more obvious decimation syntax when
the intervals are less the 1 sec, but only occurred (i.e. returned to the
original sample interval) for the 2nd and later files of the input (for
any original sample interval).


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>> Subject: [teqc] Problem when combining hourly data.
>> Hi list,
>> I have hourly logged data files in RINEX format, and I want to combine
>> them into a large one. The original sampling rate is 1Hz, and is
>> downsampled to 30Hz by supplying the -O.dec 30 option:
>> teqc -O.dec 30 *.06o > /data/new.06o
>> To my supprise, I found there are more than one line of INTEVAL in the
>> resulting new.06o file. The first INTERVAL is 30; while the other
>> INTERVAL is still set to 1.  Moreover, the same case occured with
>> -O.mo option (Only the first one is what I set; there are others which
>> remain unchanged).
>> However, if I combine the 1Hz data first, and then convert it to 30Hz,
>> everything is OK.
>> I want to know if I did something wrong with specifying the command
>> options in the first method.
>> Thank you.
>> Regards,
>> Tian

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