[teqc] tr problem with core 2.6?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jul 6 07:25:53 MDT 2006

Andrew Miner wrote:

> I logged some compact RT17 files from a Trimble 4000 to my desktop running
> Scientific Linux 4.1 (kernal 2.6.9).  Current version of teqc fails nearly
> all the time (core dump), generally before recording "Time of First Obs"
> in the header.
> An old version of teqc on my Windows laptop does seems to translate the
> file just fine, as does the latest version(s) of teqc running on my
> download machine with an older OS:
> 8.0 (psyche)
> We are wondering if teqc might have any issues with kernal 2.6.

For as long as we have ever had a Linux build of teqc, a few users
report various problems like this.  My only suggestion, offered on
on specific for Linux:

"crashes of one or the other build have occurred on various Linux release;
if you have tried the statically-linked build and it crashes, try the
dynamically-linked build, or vice versa"

which is why both dynamically and statically linked builds continue to
be offered.  If we update our compilation machine or you change yours,
it might work or maybe there will be a different problem.  Such is the
way of Linux.


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