[teqc] tr problem with core 2.6?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jul 6 12:32:28 MDT 2006


> Thanks for the info.  I did try both versions and neither one worked, but
> I do most things on the Fedora box anyway so no big deal.
>>Andrew Miner wrote:
>>>I logged some compact RT17 files from a Trimble 4000 to my desktop running
>>>Scientific Linux 4.1 (kernal 2.6.9).  Current version of teqc fails nearly
>>>all the time (core dump), generally before recording "Time of First Obs"
>>>in the header.

That is interesting.  Usually I hear of a problem on Fedora, but not
Enterprise (on which SL is based).  Maybe we'll have to set up an SL box
and see what's happening.


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