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I also had a hard time trying to convert .ubx to rinex on teqc. Never been 
able to do it until i bought this nifty program from http://www.helenav.nl 
to help me convert to rinex format.

look under ABIN2RNX.EXE

you need to pay though.
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> Last summer, I collected data with a GPS receiver from u-blox. I recorded 
> more
> information than teqc needs to convert my ubx to RINEX. When, I use teqc 
> there
> are a lot of messages like:
> ! Notice ! u-blox message class/id 0x0211 unknown or not coded yet ? 
> skipping.
> Teqc translate just a part of my file and close. The size of my ubx file 
> is
> 40912 Ko.
> Can you help me about that?

Well, UBX 0x02 0x11 is the RXM-SFRB (subframe buffer) message, holding
the raw transmitted navigation messages from GPS or SBAS SVs.  The only
thing this would not give you are any navigation messages contained
in these UBX messages.  _There is no impact on observations._  UBX 0x02 0x11
wasn't coded up because I never received a UBX file with these messages;
instead teqc reads the uncoded GPS nav messages in UBX 0x02 0x31 == RXM-EPH.


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