[teqc] from 2 to 30 seconds

Marino Protti jprotti at una.ac.cr
Wed Aug 9 10:27:06 MDT 2006

Dear All,

We have been collecting data at 5 sites in the Nicoya peninsula, with 
receivers Trimble 5700, with a sampling interval of 2 seconds (hoping to 
capture a large event!) but the file size makes processing very tedious. 
Does anybody know if teqc can re-integrate or resample from 2 seconds to 
30 seconds? and if so, what's the command.

Also, does anybody know if the Trimble 5700 allows to record two 
simultaneous session, let's say one at 30 seconds and another at 2 
seconds with a ring buffer of some 5 days?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Peace on Earth,
Marino Protti
Costa Rica

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