[teqc] latest development version of teqc on-line (26 Sept 2006)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Sep 27 09:38:07 MDT 2006

The latest development version (26 Sept 2006) of teqc is on-line:

The main fixes and changes since 20 July 2006:

* IGS receiver/antenna designations have been updated through
the 8 Sept 2006 entries

* +ver[sion] (or -ver[sion]) option, which outputs a subset
of the +id (or -id) option

* improvement in ublox UBX message parsing to report possible
overflow conditions when reading a corrupted UBX file or encountering
valid newly defined large UBX records not accounted for yet in the code

* capability of reading/translating of Topcon TPS/Javad JPS [rM]
and [rV] messages (still in an early phase, but everything checks out
so far)

* when reading Topcon TPS/Javad JPS, teqc will output the
receiver serial number, if encountered, in a separate "receiver
serial number" field with the +meta option (whereas the "receiver
ID number" continues to report the unique board ID from
Topcon TPS/Javad JPS)

* when reading Leica system 1200 MDB, teqc will report session
changes from MDB record 130  (e.g. these date/times can be used to
window the data into separate RINEX files in needed)

* the output of antenna lat/lon with +meta is now reported to
a higher precision than before


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