[teqc] Re: rt17/glonass ps

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Oct 13 16:49:34 MDT 2006

Andrew Miner wrote:

> I did find this, but the links therein are dead:
> http://www.unavco.org/facility/html_mail/teqc/msg00179.html

Yeah, those are very old links, Andy; we moved out of UCAR over
three years ago (!) and that domain in long dead -- but just change


part of the URL to:


and they should work fine.

But those links for GLONASS are referring to reading Ashtech data w/
GLONASS, not Trimble. Teqc continues to be able to read GLONASS in
Ashtech formats (MBEN, B-file, ...), Topcon TPS/Javad JPS, and (as
of June 2006) Leica system 1200 "GG" LB2 and MDB.  I think that's it
at this point in time.


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