[teqc] Option -O.dec on tranlating Leica300 files

Lutz Simon Lorenz slutz at geod.baug.ethz.ch
Tue Oct 24 07:14:05 MDT 2006

I am using teqc to translate GPS Leica 300 raw data files into RINEX files.
Command (teqc version 26-09-2006):
teqc -lei ds -O.int 10 -O.dec 10 DS0001.OBS >station.tmp
The result is an almost empty RINEX file. Now, if I leave the -O.dec option away, the resulting file contains several hours of translated data (what it should be). It's funny, but this behavior doesn't occure for each raw data file. That means, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... ?
Thanks for your help,
PS: Who can explain, what -O.int and -O.dec really do with the observations?
In the RINEX files (where the command above worked), the times of observations don't keep at the .00000 second...
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