[teqc] bug involving decimation of RINEX with +smtt option

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Nov 16 09:59:29 MST 2006


A teqc bug was introduced on 22 March 2006 which does a incorrect
operation under the following situation: option +smtt is set while
reading "-smtt"-type RINEX and trying to do a decimation procedure.
For example, the input RINEX has time tags with millisecond resets,

00 00 00.000
00 00 30.000
00 01 00.001
00 01 30.001

and you try to decimate with `teqc +smtt -O.dec 60`.  The result is
that you would only get the decimated epochs before the first millisecond

The +smtt/-smtt options were not supposed to have any effect when
reading any type of RINEX, and the fix enforces that rule.

The workaround with any teqc version between 22 March and 15 November
is to _not_ use the +smtt option, and for teqc versions up until
25 October, -smtt is the default.

Starting 25 October, +smtt is the default.

So, on the off chance that I sent someone a teqc build between 25 Oct
and 15 Nov, and you want to decimate RINEX using that build, make sure
you explicitly set "-smtt" on the command line.  For teqc versions
from 15 November and later, you won't have to worry about this problem.


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