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Dear Lou,
great work! Thank you very much for the new teqc release.
I will imediately check my scripts with the new version.
One question: Is there the teqc tutorial on the website somehow available in a nice PDF format?
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The latest development version (25 June 2007) of teqc is on-line:

The main fixes and changes since 5 Feb 2007:

* teqc will read/write RINEX 2.11 observation and met files;
RINEX met therefore will now support wind speed, wind direction,
incremental rainfall, and hail indication, e.g. available from
the Vaisala WXT510 met pack (note: units specified on the met
pack must be compatible with the RINEX 2.11 specification);
the RINEX observation and met files produced by teqc will
stamped as "2.11"; all RINEX navigation files produced by teqc
will continue to be version "2.10", because there is no
2.11 specification for GPS or GLONASS RINEX nav

* reading/writing of Galileo data RINEX 2.11 observations will
be supported (note: this does _not_ include qc of Galileo
observations in RINEX 2.11 at this time, however)

* reading of Septentrio Binary Format (SBF) has been added, though
this should be treated as a beta addition for a while

* the option "+C2" now only initiates adding a RINEX C2 observable
in the translation of Trimble .dat and RT17, Septentrio Binary Format,
Leica MDB, and Topcon TPS/Javad JPS formats

* new option +L2C_L2 (analogous to the existing +CA_L1) to capture
L2(L2C) phase -- though currently only meaningful for SBF record 5944
where the alternative is L2(P) phase

* new option +cct (default) and -cct; see

* reading of the Ashtech stream "MACM" record has been added

* reading of NavCom binary record 0x86 to obtain SNR values to
0.25 dBHz resolution (instead of 1 dBHz resolution from record 0xb0)

* decoding of the GPS nav fields "curve fit interval", "data flag
for L2 P-code", and "code on L2 channel" were added when reading
Topcon TPS/Javad JPS [GE] record -- these fields had accidentally
been left out in prior teqc versions when decoding the [GE] record

* reading of Topcon TPS/Javad JPS [rM] and [rV] records will
work even if [rE] records are present

* event logging in RINEX observation output (epoch flag == 5) has
been added for the following receiver formats when using the new
"+event" option:

      Leica LB2 id 0x05 and 0x06 (system 500 and 1200)
      Leica MDB 17 (system 500) and MDB 113 (system 1200) records
      NavCom binary 0xb4 record
      Septentrio Binary Format record 5924
      Topcon TPS/Javad JPS [XA] and [XB] records
      Trimble .dat record 19, subrecords 0, 2, and 4
      u-blox UBX TIM-TP, TIM-TM, and TIM-TM2 records
      external data strings (e.g. NMEA) that cannot be resolved

* new option "-xdr" will suppress trying to read NMEA XDR strings
(e.g. to block reading non-met XDR strings as met data); default
is "+xdr" which will attempt to read all XDR strings as met data

* the Linux 2.4-kernel builds of teqc should now run without problems
on Linux 2.6 kernels -- both dynamically- and statically-linked

* For Ashtech B/E/D/S reading: If the S-file is found, teqc will
attempt to get both the "Nav version" and the "Channel version"
in composing the receiver's "firmware version".  If an "Options"
field is also found, this will be appended to the end of the
firmware version string after a single ASCII space character.

* For B/S data from Ashtech legacy L-XII and LM-XII receivers,
teqc will now do a much better job automatically determining
the possible observables for different firmware versions, and
should do a better job with L2 (half-cycle vs. full-cycle).

+ even more: see
between Feb 5 and June 22.

Please report any abnormal behaviour ASAP.


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