[teqc] FCN of Glonass R17 satellite

Uwe Hessels uwe.hessels at bkg.bund.de
Wed Jan 23 08:36:31 MST 2008

Hi Lou,

we use teqc for converting javad and leica raw data files to rinex.

Since glonass satellite R17 is up, we see in the glonass navigation file no R17 navigation messages 
due to the fact that teqc rejects all navigation messages with fcn (frequency channel number) out of 
the range of -7 to +24:

! Notice ! GLONASS: bad frequency #= 255 being rejected  (min= -7, max= 24)
! Notice ! GLONASS: bad frequency #= 254 being rejected  (min= -7, max= 24)

When we use for example jps2rin, for R17 a fcn of 255 is reported, but is included in the navigation 

We have this effect with all data collecting software(s) we use for javad and also with raw mdb 
files directly downloaded from the leica receiver.

We are now not sure, whether it is a problem related to teqc or the raw data format of the receivers.

The newest teqc is used:
      2.10           G: GLONASS NAV DATA                     RINEX VERSION / TYPE
teqc  2007Jun25     root                20080123 00:24:06UTCPGM / RUN BY / DATE
Linux 2.4.20-8|Pentium IV|gcc|Linux|486/DX+                 COMMENT
teqc  2007Jun25     root                20080122 01:00:00UTCCOMMENT
   2008     1    22    1.201871782541D-06                    CORR TO SYSTEM TIME
     14                                                      LEAP SECONDS
                                                             END OF HEADER


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