[teqc] FCN of Glonass R17 satellite

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Jan 25 13:23:14 MST 2008

The Topcon TPS file supplied by Giovanni Sella was collected with firmware
that could not track GLONASS SVs with negative frequency channel numbers;
therefore it did not contain data or nav messages for R17.  (This will
be fixed with Topcon firmware 3.3 -- currently in testing.)

A Javad JPS file sent by Uwe Hessels -- the originator of this thread --
with Javad firmware 2.6.0 (24 Oct 2007) did have data and nav messages
for R17, and the new teqc code handles it AOK.

Today the 2nd GLONASS SV with a negative frequency channel number was set
operational -- R09, fcn -2.  So I suppose this makes getting a new teqc
out as soon as possible even more imperative for all you GLONASS users.


> Using a couple of MDB files supplied by Giovanni, I'm pretty sure I have
> this fixed for both Leica MDB and Topcon TPS/Javad JPS formats.  
> (Giovanni's
> TPS file appeared to have other problems, i.e. most records had checksum
> errors suggesting it had been collected or transferred incorrectly.)
> --lou

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