[teqc] translate LEICA raw data *.m00 to RINEX

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Tue Feb 5 19:26:47 MST 2008

Lou Estey

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> I don't know it's a problem in "m00" file or TEQC
> can't translate this kind file.

The .m00 file extension is used by Leica for files
in their MDB format.  Teqc should be able to read
them and convert them to RINEX.  One test would to

teqc -leica mdb +meta 970128WW01A_8333_0128_131823.m00
teqc -leica mdb +meta 970128WW01B_8333_0128_132537.m00

If you get reasonable metadata without a lot of nasty
messages, then teqc can read the .m00 files. (note:
Usually the '-leica mdb' part should be unnecessary, but
we are including it here to force teqc to interpret the
.m00 files as Leica MDB format.)

Assuming that goes well, see:
for general guidelines for converting to RINEX.  See also:
to learn how to override any RINEX header field during

> And I want to know which diffrent with this two 
> "m00" file.

I suppose you asking about the heights.  What do you get
with the above tests for the heights from the two files?


>>> I try to translate LEICA raw data *.m00 to RINEX.
>>> "970128WW01A_8333_0128_131823.m00" can list
>> ANTENNA height
>>> "970128WW01B_8333_0128_132537.m00" can't list
>> ANTENNA height
>>> their height are same value.
>> ... and?  Is there a question here, or just a
>> comment?
>> --lou
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