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Jan Leyssens j.leyssens at septentrio.com
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Dear Lou, Jean-Paul,

Note that the Septentrio GeneRx receiver has a different output-format than our other products. The AsteRx and PolaRx receivers are transmitting the Septentrio Binary Format (SBF).

The GeneRx, which has been developed as test receiver for Giove-A, transmits messages in an ASCII-format. So if support for the GeneRx is needed in TEQC, you'll need to add extra decoding-functionality. If you are planning to do this, please let us know, so we can provide you with the relevant information.

Best regards,

Jan Leyssens

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> We have to perform data from Septentrio GenerX receiver
> (http://www.septentrio.com/products_galileo.htm).
> My request is to know if we will develop a translator for this
> receiver in a near future.

Are you asking if teqc is going to support this in the near future?
(If so, as the old joke goes, define: "near". :)

I'm guessing that this receiver will be outputting the latest GNSS SBF records (e.g. MeasEpoch 4027, GLONav 4004, and GALNav 4002) for which I only received the specs from Septentrio for a couple of weeks ago.  It will probably be at least a couple of months before I can include reading these in teqc, then testing, etc.  It will probably be June or July 2008 at the earliest.


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