[teqc] File0000.MP1 & file0000.MP2

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Mar 5 07:32:59 MST 2008

Azizul Azwan wrote:
> Why the value of MP1 & MP2 is quite difference, whereby MP1 is smaller 
> than MP2. For example :-
> Moving average MP1      : 0.083715 m
> Moving average MP2      : 0.725831 m

The mp1 rms should always be smaller than the mp2 rms, but usually mp1
rms is ~50-80% of the mp2 rms.  What you show above is very atypical.
Possible causes:

* mp1 = mp1(P1, L1, L2) and mp2 = mp2(P2, L1, L2): if P1 was "smoothed"
and P2 in a raw measurement, then the mp1 rms would be substantially
smaller than the mp2 rms (based on our experience with smoothed pseudorange

* teqc might have detected _many_ more mp1 slips than mp2 slips; if so,
this would artificially lower teqc's mp1 rms estimate

Taken out of context, it's a little hard to comment further.


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