[teqc] start/stop times of ashtech MBEN file

Paul Jamason pjamason at gpsmail.ucsd.edu
Tue Apr 1 18:40:16 MDT 2008

Hi Lou,

When I use the following teqc command on an Ashtech MBEN file:

teqc +meta -ash s as25_1900_0100_08.047

Instead of the usual start/stop time output, I get:

! Notice ! GPS week in Ashtech SNV record = 1466; (default) GPS week 
= 1473
! Notice ! GPS week initially set= 1473
week: 1466

I assume this is related to the following known issue listed at


# Translation of Ashtech stream data with teqc requires that a PBEN 
record follow each MBEN record group containing an epoch's worth of 
information. Without the PBEN, the time of the GPS epoch is only 
known to modulo 30 seconds. (Additionally, if the data is from an 
Ashtech without clock steering, i.e. it utilizes millisecond clock 
resets, the PBEN record in also needed to determine when the 
millisecond resets occur so that the time tags and pseudoranges can 
be corrected for RINEX.)
-> you must configure the Ashtech receiver so that PBEN records are 

and that the receiver was not configured to output PBEN.  But, if 
this is a true bug instead of a receiver issue, let me know.


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