[teqc] teqc output format

Manuele Pesenti manuele.pesenti at polito.it
Thu Apr 24 03:41:16 MDT 2008

Dear teqc users and developers,

are there available specifications format of the qc output file of teqc (such 
as *.mp1 or *.sn2 files) ? If so where it is possible to download that 
specifications format? I haven't found on the internet. Thank you very much 
in advance

best regards
	Manuele Pesenti

  Manuele Pesenti, Ph.D.
  P o l i t e c n i c o  d i  T o r i n o
  DITAG - Dip. di Ingegneria del Territorio,
   dell'Ambiente e delle Geotecnologie
  C.so Duca degli Abruzzi, 24
   10129 Torino - Italia
  Tel.    +39 011 564 7719
  E-mail   manuele.pesenti at polito.it

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