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Tyler Lulich lulich at purdue.edu
Thu Jun 26 09:54:48 MDT 2008


Thank you for your quick reply.

In fact, I emailed Jim at UCAR (seeing he was the author) before sending 
this issue to the TEQC list, and after getting a bounce from 
'software at unavco.org'.  I did not get a response from Jim after several 
days now.

I will be sure to try Steve Hilla's cf2ps method.

Furthermore, I would be happy to send an email to someone at UNAVCO with 
a recommendation that resources be devoted to supporting a 'viewer'.  
Whom would you recommend I contact?



Lou Estey wrote:
>> Dear Lou,
>> I would like graphically view .ele files.  I have tried using the 
>> programs listed as 'QC viewers' (QCVIEW, GT, QC2SKY) on the UNAVCO 
>> software page, but they all return errors.  Example from the use of 
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> D:\Work\Purdue\GPS\TYLER_~1\NETRS_~1\RF0520~1.053\PU04>qcview
>> PU04_2008_53.ele
>> Could not open file 'PU04_2008_53.ele'
>> No files to plot
>> Version date: 06/12/94
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The original .ele file is slightly over 20MB, created by converting a 
>> 5Hz .T00 NetRS file (.T00 converted to .dat using RUNPKR00 then to rinex
>> using teqc).  I am sending a truncated copy with this email.
>> Should these programs work?  Do you know of any other existing method 
>> to   plot the compact files?
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Best Regards,
>> Tyler
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> hi Tyler,
> I didn't let your entire email go to the teqc list due its size w/ 
> attachments,
> but you are asking some good questions.
> The last time I used qcview was years ago -- probably on Windows 95 or 
> 98 --
> and it did still work then.  Maybe Jim Johnson, the author of qcview 
> and the
> Solaris equivalent (gt), might care to comment, but I suspect Jim 
> would be
> shocked if it did still work on modern Windows systems with 20 MB files.
> One or two other users have commented that they have had trouble with 
> Marco
> Roggero's QC2SKY program, too.
> I haven't heard any complaints about Steve Hilla's cf2ps, but that 
> requires
> installing GMT ... and the potential energy barrier for that exercise is
> probably a little too high for many GPS users.  (But you're a graduate
> student -- lots of energy to burn! ;)
> I've actually been pushing for UNAVCO to put some resources toward a new
> graphical interface for the qc information for, oh, about 11-12 years 
> now.
> Back then, the direction might have been a Java app, but we were dubious
> about cross-platform support for all OSs that teqc was being compiled
> for at that time (Solaris, HPUX, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, DEC OSFI, Linux,
> Windows).  And personally, I'm now glad we didn't go that route.
> The best modern solution, I think, would be a compiled Flex app run in
> a Flash plug-in in your browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari on Macs, and yes,
> even IE on Windows -- assuming you are not using something else like 
> Firefox).
> Also, I think it would make more sense to have the various qc time series
> all be in a specially designed BINEX record so that only one file 
> would be
> needed for everything and it would be far more compact than the original
> "compact" ASCII files now being generated (which are a legacy from the
> original Fortran QC program developed at UNAVCO).  If you qc users
> think that something like this should be developed by UNAVCO to replace
> the current clunky methodology, I encourage you to let management at
> UNAVCO know.
> The short answer is that, unfortunately, there is no UNAVCO-supported way
> of looking at the current ASCII "compact" plot files generated by teqc.
> --lou
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