[teqc] Re: compact plots

Manuele Pesenti manuele.pesenti at polito.it
Fri Jun 27 01:53:20 MDT 2008

On Thursday 26 June 2008 17:52:06 Richard B. Langley wrote:
> Not sure it would work on giant files, but I have an awk script running
> under UNIX (Mac flavour but should work on other systems) that converts a
> teqc compact file to something readable by Excel (which has number of
> records limitations,I think) and gnuplot (no limit, I think). Attached is a
> resulting gnuplot example.
> -- Richard Langley
>    Professor of Geodesy and Precision Navigation

Very interesting!
is it possible to plot even other type of graphs, such as skyplots of signal 
to noise ratio and so on? is it possible to download it from somewhere in the 

thank you very much

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