[teqc] problem with RINEX A/S flags from TPS/JPS data since 22 May 2007 teqc versions

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Jul 4 08:47:05 MDT 2008

To anyone using teqc to translate Topcon TPS/Javad JPS data to
RINEX, or anyone who might be processing that RINEX:

On 22 May 2007, a bug was introduced into the teqc code that
looks for antispoofing (A/S) status on GPS SVs from the TPS/JPS
[GE] GPS ephemeris messages, resulting in potentially erroneous
A/S flags in any resultant RINEX observation files from that
data.  Strangely, this wasn't noticed until just two days ago,
and then yesterday I received the first report of processing
problems with this type of buggy RINEX where the user was using
GIPSY for processing.  That user also confirmed that the corrected
teqc code produces RINEX from TPS data that now processed fine
with GIPSY.  It's also likely that some other processing packages
are not sensitive to the buggy A/S status flags.

Here at UNAVCO we'll soon be retranslating all RINEX from TPS/JPS
data that we have created since about that time to replace the
faulty RINEX on our ftp server.

The next publicly released teqc version -- which hopefully will
be in early July -- will have corrected code for this bug.  But
anyone needing a fixed executable before that time should contact
me <lou AT unavco.org> ASAP.  (Please don't reply to the teqc list.)

Sorry for any problems that were created by this bug -- but it's
now been discovered and fixed.


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