[teqc] Request information about software "TEQC" after receiving message from Carey Noll (RE : Problems with recent CNES GNSS data)

Cardaliaguet Jean-Paul jean-paul.cardaliaguet at cnes.fr
Mon Jul 7 01:27:31 MDT 2008

Dear all,

I have received an email below from Carey Noll to delete comment lines in Rinex files.
Is there from "teqc" software an option to put only one comment line in Rinex files?

Thanks in advance for you answer.

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-----Message d'origine-----
De : Carey Noll [mailto:Carey.E.Noll at nasa.gov] 
Envoyé : mardi 1 juillet 2008 22:14
À : Bruno Garayt; Cardaliaguet Jean-Paul
Cc : Maurice P. (GSFC-690.1)[SSAI] Dube; Carey Noll
Objet : Problems with recent CNES GNSS data

Dear Bruno and Jean-Paul,

    We just noticed that data from several of the CNES GNSS stations (GRAS, HARB, NKLG, THTI, TLSE) for days 08167 onward have odd header sections in the RINEX files. The line:

teqc  2006Jul20     administrateur ccgps20080618 23:06:15UTCCOMMENT

is repeated many times (e.g., for GRAS day 170, the line appears in the header over 300 times). Can you look into this problem and replace the files?

Ms. Carey Noll
Manager, Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS) Secretary, ILRS Central Bureau NASA GSFC Code 690 Greenbelt, MD 20771 USA

E-mail:  Carey.Noll at nasa.gov
Voice: (301) 614-6542
Fax: (301) 614-6015
WWW:  http://cddis.gsfc.nasa.gov

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