[teqc] Spam apology

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Jul 9 19:04:17 MDT 2008


> Sorry, I didn't realize that teqc at unavco.org was the same as
> teqc at ls.unavco.org.  The previous e-mail was not intended to
> go out to the entire list.  Thanks you for the responses and help.
> -Grant Farmer

Nothing to be sorry for; you had a good question.  (I
don't think anyone would consider it spam.)

additional answer for seeing the current teqc version:
You could create RINEX (either from raw data or
from RINEX input) and look at the PGM entry (usually
the first 20 characters of the 2nd line) in the header
to see the teqc version.

Just a reminder to explain Mike's answer `teqc -id`
vs. John's answer `teqc +id`: both work and there is
no difference in the result.  The - vs. + only have
meaning for options that are boolean (- means turn off
or suppress and + means turn on/activate) or where
there is IO involved (- refers to input and + refers
to output).  For many options (e.g. help, vers, id, ...)
the leading - and + do the same thing.


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