[teqc] change tps file name

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Jul 16 14:12:09 MDT 2008


If the software controlling the receiver is also creating RINEX, then
it's not a teqc question. ;)  From the part of Hannan's question:

"is it possible to tell teqc to read the file and to generate automatically
this kind of file name" i.e. PPPPDDDS...S.JJo,

then I think he's talking about having teqc create RINEX.  As background,
the original design of teqc was that filenames -- both input and output --
were the user's responsibility and there was no requirements other than
the filenames be valid on that OS.  Beyond that, they could be anything
(and believe me, we've seen just about that).

Now, just yesterday, I got the first cut of the -tbin [-ast] options
working -- see http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2008/000710.html
and http://ls.unavco.org/pipermail/teqc/2007/000549.html -- which would
create standardized RINEX names more or less like Hannan is asking for.

With -tbin and hourly TPS files as input, the teqc command might be
something like:

teqc -topcon tps -tbin site 1h +obs + onehour.tps

where here we would be assuming that we want the time alignment starting
at 00:00 in the day and the hourly RINEX file would a letter a-x for the
hours 00-23, depending on the start time of the data in the file onehour.tps.

This will be available in the next teqc release -- sort of a beta
release of this functionality.  We are currently running teqc through
its normal paces before cutting a release.


> Have you checked with your Topcon Dealer on this? What your asking for 
> is a very standard RINEX filename format. The software that should be 
> controlling the receiver should be able to set up for that format with 
> no problem.
> Just my thought
> Tom
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> Dear colleges,
> I have a permanent station with GPS GB-1000 receiver. The receiver store 
> the rM massages at period of 1h data in a file. The file name system of 
> this receiver is:
> where P…P is prefix specified by the value of the receiver parameter, MM 
> is the month number, DD is day of month number, and S…S is a suffix to 
> make unique names for the files created on the same day.
> I would like to have a file with a file name:
> PPPP - 4 characters for station name
> DDD - Day in the year
> S..S   - A unique suffix for the files created on the same day.
> JJ      - Year
> o       - stand for observation
> is it possible to tell teqc to read the file and to generate 
> automatically this kind of  file name based on the time in the massages rM?
> if not, is it possible to get with teqc the Day of the year and the year 
> of the first epoch in the file? and from there to write some script that 
> generate the "right" file name PPPPDDDS...S.JJo.
> Thank you for the help
> Hannan

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