[teqc] OSX builds of teqc to read BINEX 0x7f-03 won't work

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Jul 16 14:43:54 MDT 2008

anyone using OSX builds of teqc to read BINEX 0x7f-03
(e.g. from Trimble NetRS):

Just discovered (and hopefully fixed) today: the part of teqc
that reads the pseudorange values in BINEX 0x7f-03 would not
work for the gcc-compiled builds for Mac OSX.  There might be
other gcc-compiled builds with the same problem (Solaris, HP-UX),
but Linux builds were checked and they were ok.

Because the compression scheme used in 0x7f-03 to store the
phase relies on having the pseudorange value, incorrectly reading
the pseudorange values also implies faulty phase values.


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