[teqc] Re: compact plots

Tyler Lulich lulich at purdue.edu
Wed Jul 23 18:02:22 MDT 2008

Lou and friends,

My quest to find a means of plotting '.ele' files has ended with the 
discovery of a neat matrix laboratory code named "TEQCPLOT" (author: Jim 
Hedfors) made available to the public on the open exchange "MATLAB 
Central".  The function is capable of plotting the other teqc report 
files as well. 

A direct link to the function follows:


Best Regards,


Lou Estey wrote:
> Tyler,
>> In fact, I emailed Jim at UCAR (seeing he was the author) before 
>> sending this issue to the TEQC list, and after getting a bounce from 
>> 'software at unavco.org'.  I did not get a response from Jim after 
>> several days now.
> Jim is a busy guy.  And he's often out-of-the office on travel.
> Do we still have a link somewhere with "software at unavco.org"?  Those 
> should
> all be replaced with "support at unavco.org" (hardware, software, ... all
> UNAVCO support issues).
>> I will be sure to try Steve Hilla's cf2ps method.
> If it works well, be sure to give Steve -- and the teqc list -- the
> positive feedback.  :)
>> Furthermore, I would be happy to send an email to someone at UNAVCO 
>> with a recommendation that resources be devoted to supporting a 
>> 'viewer'.  Whom would you recommend I contact?
> Fran Boler <boler at unavco.org>       my direct manager
> Chuck Meetens <meertens at unavco.org> Facility manager
> ... but they are both on the teqc list so they are now probably aware
> of your interest.
> cheers,
> --lou
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